Bejeweled was created in August 2023 in Utah with a mission to connect with others and hear their stories of who they are!

Our Personalized jewelry not only makes beautiful statement but serves as a constant reminder of our legacy that is needing to be shared.

Our Story

Hello! I am so glad you are here! We are sisters!

We created this business with the intention to honor our late parents who have passed. When our dad died, he left each of us a piece of gold jewelry to remind us that we are worth more is more valuable than any jewelry. Then when our mom passed away two years ago, she left us with the memories of her love for jewelry! I know that if she were alive today she would have loved this business and be our number one cheerleader.

After many months of talking about starting a jewelry business, we turned our passion into a business to remind us of the legacy that they left behind.

As we design each piece of jewlry, we are often reminded the love that are parents have for us. And how much we want to share this love, and passion to the whole world! We hope that each jewelry will bring you joy, and be filled with so many memories as you grow in all your aspect of life.

Thank you for supporting our dreams goals!

xoxo Bejeweled

  • Woman owned business

    Bejeweled SIs was founded in 2023 by Christina and Vanessa in Utah! We are sisters and operate this small business together

  • Handmade with Love

    Bejeweled Sis pieces have been handmade with love or carefully created to offer you the best quality for your every day wear and looking fabulous!

  • 14k gold jewlry, Gold bracelets, fine gold jewelry

    Mission minded

    Bejeweled Sis is a jewelry company that provides jewelry with elegance, connecting with people and being there for anyone that needs us to be their biggest support!

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